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Annual Jazz Brunch

The brunch is the Refuge's major fundraiser. It is held the first Sunday in June each year at the Basin Community Hall and features live jazz led by board member, jazz musician and composer, M.J. Williams. Fresh-baked quiche, scones and fruit salad are served under the direction of board member and chef, Karen Davidson, by the board, and a loyal group of volunteers.

In addition to good food and great music, the brunch is accompanied by studio openings of the current artists who are often joined by local artists and Refuge supporters. The Refuge has tees and postcards and CDs for sale. The 2000 brunch saw the premiere of the Refuge Apron Museum of Creative History, featuring vintage aprons with creative histories tied to the area and the Refuge.

Jam 'N' Dessert

The board hosted the first Jam 'N' Dessert in April, 2000. Local restaurants, businesses and well known local chefs donated mouthwatering desserts and M.J. Williams again organized a great group of jazz musicians and invited drop-ins to come and jam. It was a delightful evening and there are plans to repeat this event yearly.

For more information on how to get on the Refuge mailing list, purchase items for sale, or make a donation to a scholarship fund, go our support the refuge page.

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