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Donations are always gratefully accepted and used wisely to support financial aid programs and operating needs. In addition, we have T-shirts and CDs for sale. (See donation and order form to print out and mail below.)

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MJ Williams
MJ Williams

Ann Tappan - piano, Kelly Roberty - bass, MJ Williams - vocals.
Cool, sensuous Montana jazz.

Cynthia Hilts and a few Montana friends

Cynthia Hilts

Pianist Cynthia Hilts performs around the world solo, collaboratively, and as a leader. A prolific composer, her instrumental and vocal works include jazz, children's, folk/pop, new music, and commissions for dance.

This CD is the first project of its kind for the Montana Artists Refuge. Montana musicians and technicians toured with Cynthia Hilts in October 1999. Together, we recorded the music she wrote during her 1999 residency here and captured an insightful and loving vision of the landscape.


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MJ Williams: I Can Hear Your Heart
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Cynthia Hilts: Stars Down to the Ground
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